ISLIMY(Arabesque design)

This type of designs is mainly formed with circular branches among the leaves. These branches are abstract trees. Islimy comes in lots of types and is usually repeating in forms but it’s also a predominate design in some carpets. The most famous Islimy is called Dahan Ajdar (mouth of a dragon) which, the branches will be divided into two symmetry parts at the end of it and looks like dragon’s jaws and some nodes are decorating the branches in different parts which are mainly called Islym. Maybe the word “Islimy” is originated from the word “Islym” which means node or maybe this word is a short version of the word “Islam” as we know this design is used a lot in Islamic arts. This design has a lots of sub branches as well such as Islimy, Islimy Bandy , Islimy Shekaste , Islimy Dahan Ajdar ,Islimy Lachak Toranj, Islimy Toranj Daar and Islimy Maari.

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