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Handmade Wool Sultanabad Grey and Blue Persian Rug | 313×198 cm | Imaginary Design

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The Handmade Wool Sultanabad Grey and Blue Persian Rug is a magnificent work of craftsmanship that will impress anyone who sees it. It is a large area rug measuring 313×198 cm, which makes it perfect for open floor plans and larger spaces. The quality of the wool used in the rug's creation is exceptional, giving it an unmatched luxurious feel. The rug's imaginary design is an actual work of art, with shades of grey and blue blending ideally to create a captivating visual narrative. The intricate patterns woven into the rug add depth and character, making it an authentic statement piece that complements various interior decor styles. If you want to elevate your home decor, the Handmade Wool Sultanabad Grey and Blue Persian Rug is the perfect choice. It will become the centrepiece of your living space, inspiring confidence in your design choices. Choose this rug and immerse yourself in the beauty and artistry that defines our prestigious collection of premium rugs.

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