AFSHAAN(Curved design)

in most of the carpet designs, their designs are continues and connected in a way that it looks like the painter has not stopped the painting-brush movement from the beginning till the very last moment, but in Afshaan designs flowers, leaves and branches are scattered in the drawn design in a way that looks like they are connected anymore and that’s why this design is called Afshaan (means scatter in Persian) but in this type of design a lots of variety and changes has been made and a lots of sub branches is originated from Afshaan as well such as , Afshaan Islimy, Afshaan Khataee, Afshaan Bandy, Afshaan Shekaste, Afshaan Gol Anaari, Afshaan Shaah Abbasi, Afshaan Shaakheh Pich, Afshaan Dasteh Gol, Afshaan Heivaan Daar and Afshaan Toranj Daar.

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