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Transform your home decor with our beautiful, expertly crafted large rugs. We understand the importance of creating a welcoming environment, so our premium collection of large rugs (with dimensions up to 400 × 300cm) comes in a diverse range of styles and colors to suit your needs. 

Our large rugs (called area rugs 9x12 ft) are not just floor coverings; they make a visual statement and transform your space into a centerpiece. They create a focal point by turning an ordinary room into an extraordinary one. Our oversized rugs also provide comfort and insulation, making them perfect for cozying up and sitting on the floor. 

When choosing the right large rug for your space, we provide various guidelines to consider. Additionally, we offer different natural materials with their respective pros and cons, ensuring you make the right choice for your lifestyle. 

Our popular styles include flat-woven, high-pile, and hand-knotted rugs, each with unique characteristics suitable for different room aesthetics. Check out our examples and image references for inspiration. 

We also care about your investment, so we provide advice on proper cleaning and maintenance techniques. Keeping your rug in pristine condition is vital to its longevity. We'll assist you in following the specific cleaning and care instructions for your selected material. 

Our website offers more than just a purchasing experience. We make browsing our full selection of oversized rugs easy and convenient, and our free shipping and hassle-free return policies give you confidence with each purchase.

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