GOLDAANY(Flower pot design)

GOLDAANY Many flowerpot can be found in the Goldaany designs, in different sizes and that’s why this style is called “Goldaany”, in fact “Goldaan” means flowerpot in Persian and “Goldaany” means something which contains some flowerpot or is similar to flowerpot. Sometimes a big flowerpot full of flowers is covering the whole carpet and sometimes some small flowerpot are sited around the carpet course in summitry or they are covering the whole carpet in a continues rows. Sub-branches of this style are: “Goldaany Khaataa-ee”, “Goldaany Do Tarafeh”,” Goldaany Mehraaby”,” Goldaany Saraasary”, “Goldaany Zellol Soltaan” (“Golo Bolbol”), “Goldaany Haj Khaanoomy”,” Goldaany Tekraary”, “Goldaany Lachak Toranj” and “Goldaany Yek Tarafeh”.

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