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  • Rug In Wool Razavi Khorasan | 182×100 cm | 2 square rug Rug In Wool Razavi Khorasan | 182×100 cm | 2 square rug
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Handmade Rug in Wool & Navy Blue Base color Razavi Khorasan | 182×100 cm | HENDESY(Geometrical

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Quick Overview

  • This is a handmade Persian Oriental carpet crafted in the Razavi Khorasan region using high-quality wool.

  • The rug measures 182×100 cm, making it a medium-sized piece that can fit into various spaces.

  • The rug features a navy blue base color with a HENDESY (geometrical) pattern, creating a bold and visually striking appearance.

  • The HENDESY design comprises a series of interconnected geometric shapes, including diamonds, squares, and triangles, arranged symmetrically.

  • Using navy blue as a base color creates a sense of depth and richness to the design, making it an excellent addition to a room with lighter-colored walls and furniture.

  • The wool material in the rug makes it durable and resilient, capable of withstanding heavy foot traffic and maintaining its vibrant appearance over time.

  • This rug is perfect for adding a touch of traditional Persian charm to any living space, whether as an accent piece or a focal point.

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This handmade Persian oriental carpet is a beautiful example of the traditional Razavi Khorasan style from the Khorasan region in northeastern Iran. The rug is made entirely by hand using the finest quality wool and dyes and features a striking geometrical pattern known as HENDESY. The rug's base color is a rich navy blue, which is the perfect backdrop for the intricate geometric design. The pattern comprises a series of interconnected diamond shapes, each containing smaller diamond shapes inside. The diamonds are arranged symmetrically, giving the rug a sense of balance and harmony. The wool used in the rug is of the highest quality, which ensures that the carpet is both durable and soft underfoot. The rug is also dyed using natural dyes, which gives the colors a vibrant appearance that will not fade over time. The rug measures 182 x 100 cm, making it the perfect size for various spaces. It would make a beautiful addition to any room in the house, from the living room to the bedroom to the study. It's a classic design, and rich colors make it a timeless piece that will be treasured for generations to come.

Additional Information

SKU 140106162761
LENGHT 182 cm
WIDTH 100 cm
LINAGE 30 kont
SIZE GROUP 150 × 100 cm
Color Blue
AREA 1.82 sq.m
Condition New
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